Our object is to preserve and protect the health of people in particular, but not exclusively from global majority and low-income communities living with or affected by cancer, by providing and assisting in the delivery of culturally appropriate and adequate:

  • Holistic care to afford the patient one of the best opportunities to enhance survival, containment, or recovery.
  • Support for carers of those affected by cancer.
  • Community engagement and involvement services aim to improve participation in cancer research and detection initiatives.

Meet the Team

Dr Rose Thompson (1956 - 2023)

Rose devoted her life to combating the deep-seated disparities in cancer care, both in her professional capacity and personal life. Her professional journey, her wealth of knowledge, and her personal battle with cancer, which ultimately led to her passing, underscore the urgent need for a transformation in the way we approach cancer care, notwithstanding the relentless efforts of dedicated healthcare professionals.

The profound influence of Rose’s 40-year-long campaign against cancer disparities will serve as a legacy and the cornerstone of the charity she established. Rose firmly believed that to genuinely comprehend the experiences of marginalised communities affected by cancer, one must first walk a mile in their shoes. This belief was the guiding principle that shaped her life and her service to the cancer community. It is this legacy of proactive empathy that we are called upon to continue

Lindsay Thompson 
Co-founder & CEO

I am Lindsay Thompson, and I wear multiple hats as a co-founder, CEO, and Manager of Service Development and Delivery. In 2009, my now deceased wife, Rose and I laid the foundation for what was formerly the Community Interest Company, operating under the banner of BME Cancer Communities (BMECC). Recognising the escalating need for culturally sensitive advocacy support and information services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) cancer patients and their caregivers, BMECC evolved into a charity (CI0) in 2019.

I spearheaded the development and management of several significant projects and services. These include the ‘Check Tings Out’ community clinic for prostate cancer risk assessment, and more recently, a Cancer Support Advocacy development project named ‘Hear for You’.

Leading a vibrant and forward-thinking team, I am dedicated to providing holistic care services to patients and careers, primarily, but not exclusively, from global majority and low-income communities affected by cancer. I am fervently committed to addressing cancer disparities and motivating members of minoritized communities to engage in genomic medicine and clinical research. My guiding principle is ‘Turning passion into action.”

Rupert Aikman 
Associate Director

Hello, I am an Associate Director with the Rose Thompson Foundation (RTF. I joined the team in 2015 after listening to Rose speak at a community event. I was inspired by her passionate words and actions. I stalked her for a few weeks and finally introduced myself and jumped at an invitation to join the team. 

My area of interest is health and well-being and have expertise in nutrition (BSc and MSc). I worked as NHS community nutritionist in Leicester for 4 years, before establishing Healthy Eating Solutions in 2011 and delivering healthy eating and nutrition initiatives across the country.
I think that the work that Rose Thompson does, matters because there is inequality in preventing and managing illnesses and diseases in the UK. The RTF is actively addressing issues around inequities, and I am in a fortunate position to be able to offer my expertise in making a change. 

Cara Thompson
Operations Manager

Cara Thompson is the Rose Thompson Foundation (RTF) Operations Manager. Cara uses her strong background in fundraising, administration, and community engagement across the charitable and creative sectors to support the RTF in its mission to improve healthcare, be that through managing public events or optimising daily operations. Cara has previously worked as a Fundraising Assistant for the national charity, Awards for Young Musicians and as the Creative Engagement Coordinator for the international charity Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature. Additionally, as the youngest daughter of our co-founders Lindsay and Rose Thompson, Cara has been volunteering and supporting the organisation from a young age and hopes to sustain their vital work for the global majority community.

Carol Hinds

Carol Started her broadcast career as a production assistant for Woolwich Hospitals Broadcast Service as she completed her A’ levels.    She has worked as a TV researcher in news and light entertainment for BBC Pebblemill as well as Channel 5 and Thames Television.  In 1990, she became a BBC Regional TV News Trainee Reporter.   She worked in BBC TV newsrooms in Elstree and Birmingham, before joining Anglia TV News as a district reporter. She returned to the BBC in May 1995 and worked for 26 years as part of the news team for BBC East Midlands Today in Nottingham, where she met Rose Thompson in 2015.  A year later, Rose invited Carol to become a patron of BME Cancer Communities (BMECC).  Carol retired from the BBC in June 2021.

Jenene Aikman

Hi, my name is Jenene Aikman, and I am a trustee for The Rose Thompson Foundation. I have worked as a social worker in both the voluntary and private sectors. For the past 26 years, I have supported children in need and vulnerable adults. I am an approachable, fun-loving, friendly, outgoing individual. I like most sports, particularly playing badminton and going to the gym. I am partial to a bit of salsa, but I watch it better than taking part.

Family is an important aspect of my life and has led me to do my DNA and explore who my ancestors were. Equally as important is respect, trust, and honesty in all relationships that we encounter. I decided to become a trustee because I wanted to be part of an enterprise that was going to make a difference. I believe that the Rose Thompson Foundation can make a difference in many people's lives, and I am happy to be part of her legacy.

Sharon Stevens

Before having my children, I worked at EMEB, where I could indulge in my love of Maths in the Credit Control department. I was the only person who set up and monitored standing orders and direct debits for Nottinghamshire's domestic and commercial accounts. Later, I trained others to do the same.

After marrying and having three children, I decided to continue my studies. I qualified as a primary school teacher (2000) with Hons at the University of Derby. I have always loved working with children, which started with helping in the creche at my church. Later, I became a Sunday school teacher, after-school club leader and parent helper at my children's school. 

I successfully ran a social enterprise (Model Behaviour) with nearly 100 volunteers. I worked tirelessly to engage children to see the value and joy in education while building their self-esteem. I continued doing this until my father died in 2014, after which I enrolled on a short creative writing course. I loved it and wanted more. I have always enjoyed reading and writing, but as a dyslexic, I faced some challenges with writing. However, I decided not to let it stop me. As a result, in 2018, I enrolled on the MA Creative Writing course, which completely changed my writing and confidence. I graduated in 2021 with an MA in Creative Writing (with Publication).  I continue to write in various genres, freelance and as a ghostwriter. I have three sons, whom I am proud of and five grandchildren. I also teach in mainstream and alternative provision.

Over the years, I have sat on several boards within the community and enjoyed the role but took the responsibility seriously. So, it is an honour to be a trustee of the Rose Thompson Foundation.

Viv Oliver 

Elaine Israel-Samuels 

Jackie Brown