Join Us as an Associate!

The Rose Thompson Foundation (RTF)has launched a campaign to establish a state-of-the-art cancer resource centre, funded by our community, and owned by the community, for the community. This was Rose's vision! We plan to provide excellent, personalised and culturally appropriate support to cancer patients and carers, based on the legacy of her achievements and accomplishments.  This will enable us to excel in providing meaningful care for the person and not just about treating the condition. Moreover, this resource will be an investment and a vitally important provision, not just for the short term but also a legacy for our children and our community.

Turning this Passion into Transforming Revolutionary Action

To make this a reality, more than one-off donations will be needed; we need Associates.  An associate is closely connected to another person as a companion, friend, or business partner.  Many, if not most of us, are members of churches, gyms, or social clubs.  We invest in tithes, offerings, subscriptions, and material resources to take care of our personal spiritual, and social interests.  However, in the main, we tend to leave our healthcare and mental well-being to the state.  Consequently, we have lost many precious people to cancer and other chronic conditions long before they have fulfilled their days.  Together we can change that! If not for ourselves, for our children and the next generation.

Our Campaign for 5000 Associates

One of the main goals for this campaign is to gain at least 5,000 Associates of RTF who are committed to:

  • Supporting the Charity with a donation of the equivalent of at least the cost of a round of fish and chips per month (£10) for at least a year.
  • Contributing financially and professionally to the establishment of a Resource  Centre for Cancer Care.

Potential  Revenue

This simple plan together with your support has the potential to raise all the revenue to acquire and establish the proposed Resource Centre, engage health professionals, and provide holistic and complementary services for adequate cancer care. This is the potential revenue based on a £10 per month contribution.

500 £5,000 £60,000
1000 £10,000 £120,000
2500 £25,000 £300,000
5000 £50,000 £600,000

Join us to male this vision a reality!

You can donate and register as an Associate securely with CAF Bank right away.  For further information please call us on 0749 283 0786 or by email: