The Rose Thompson Resource Centre Campaign

The time has come for us to embrace personalised, culturally appropriate cancer care, which is woefully inadequate within the healthcare system. 

Rose's Legacy

Rose dedicated her life to fighting the inherent culture of cancer inequalities professionally and personally. Her career, her knowledge, as well as her own cancer journey and passing exemplify the need for a change in cancer care, despite the tireless work of well-meaning health service professionals.  We must therefore take responsibility for this as a black and ethnic minority community who are often the most disadvantaged in the provision of life-saving healthcare.

The immense impact of the campaign Rose led against cancer for over 20 years should not be taken lightly — we must make it count.  Her ethos was "B’Me Against Cancer," i.e. that to truly understand the experiences of minority communities affected by cancer, you must first put yourself in the place of others.  This was the driving force by which she lived and served the cancer community; this is the legacy of action and compassion we must continue. We cannot afford this opportunity of a lifetime to pass us by.

Rose's Vision for a Cancer Resource Centre

The Rose Thompson Foundation launched a campaign to finance and establish a state-of-the-art cancer resource centre. The Rose Thompson Cancer Resource Centre will be funded by the community, and owned by the community, to serve the community. While the centre will be based in Nottingham, it will also exist to serve the community nationwide. This was Rose's vision! We plan to provide excellent, personalised, and culturally appropriate cancer care based on the legacy of her achievements and accomplishments.  This will enable us to excel in providing meaningful care for those affected by cancer beyond just treating the condition. Moreover, the resource centre will be a vital and lasting investment, not only in the short term but as a legacy for future generations.

Join our Campaign

Join us in making this vision a reality. By donating to our campaign, you will be supporting a cause that is close to the hearts of many people who have been touched by cancer. You will also be contributing to a ground-breaking initiative that will transform the way cancer care is delivered and experienced by ethnic minority communities. Together, we can honour Rose's memory and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.